How to Find EASILY Any T-Code (Transaction Code) in SAP

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This is how to find super easily any transaction code (no, not Google).

The epic item is the transaction SE16T.

So if you want to learn how to find any SAP t-code with the transaction SE16T, then this article is for you.

Let’s dive right in!

Use the Transaction SE16T (Central Access for Search Functions) to Find Any T-Code

  • Open the SAP GUI of your SAP system
  • Enter the t-code SE16T into the SAP GUI command field
  • Hit enter
  • The transaction Central Access for Search Functions opens up
  • You find on the left side a tree view
  • In the tree view open the folder Find Transactions
  • The folder contains the item Execute Function
  • Execute the item Execution Function
  • On the right side opens up a view with a search bar at the top that says Transaction Search Term
  • Enter into the search bar your search term for the transaction you are looking for
    • For example, business partner or material management
  • Hit enter
  • A list of all transactions and their descriptions appear that are related to your search term
  • Voila!

By the way, to find any SAP transaction is as easy as it is to find any SAP table—no magic needed.

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