SAP MM (Materials Management): T-Codes & Tables & Programs

These are SAP MM t-codes, tables, and programs.

Tables, programs, and t-codes for other SAP modules are linked in the article.

If you want to master SAP MM, then you need to know the t-codes, tables, and programs.

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SAP MM allows companies to manage materials, inventories, and warehouses.

SAP MM’s primary goal is to keep the organization’s supply chain stable by ensuring the proper quantities of material are in place and without shortfalls or gaps.

SAP MM enables supply chain professionals and other SAP users to complete their purchases more rapidly and in a more efficient manner, and to keep up with changes in these processes.

SAP MM is part of logistics, and it helps manufacturers with their supply chains. It integrates with other ERP components such as:

  • FICO (Finance and Controlling)
  • HCM (Human Capital Management)
  • PM (Plant Maintenance)
  • PP (Production Planning)
  • QM (Quality Management)
  • SD (Sales and Distribution)

Below are SAP MM t-codes, tables, and programs:

SAP MM T-Codes

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SAP MM Tables

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SAP MM Programs

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More SAP T-Codes, Tables, and Programs

Here are SAP t-codes, tables, and programs for other SAP areas:

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