SAP Modules List / SAP Components List & Modules Vs. Components

Colored constructors.

SAP ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems complete standard tasks which occur in a typical company. Therefore, the constructed modularly of SAP modules for SAP’s ERP systems meets the organizational structure of a typical company.

SAP Modules Vs. SAP Components

SAP modules are also called SAP components. Because SAP renamed the term SAP modules: Those software buildings blocks were called modules at the time of SAP’s R/3. And those building blocks are called components since the time of SAP’s ECC.

Due to the name change are submodules now subcomponents. But from the point of functionality, everything stays the same. It is just the naming.

SAP Modules / Components Vs. Computer Science Modules

However, SAP modules or components are not modules in a computer science way. In computer science, a module is a functional and self-contained unit of software which consists of processing steps and data structures.

Though SAP components do consist of processing steps and data structures. But SAP components are not functional and self-contained units. Because the functions of the SAP components are intertwined or they rely on each other.

Maybe SAP changed the name from modules to components to differentiate more clearly between SAP modules and computer science modules.

Putting SAP components into operation always has effects on other components. Therefore, SAP components are not self-contained and are no modules in a computer science way.

SAP Modules / Components Overview

SAP categorizes its R/3 modules and ECC components into three business areas:

  1. Financials
  2. Human Capital Management
  3. Logistics

Each component has a unique abbreviation – for example, CO for Controlling. Each component contains subcomponents. And each component has a unique abbreviation as well – for example, CO-OM for Overhead Cost Management.

Plus, there are SAP components, which are Industry solutions. Those Industry Solutions enhance multiple other components across different business areas. Same goes for the Workflow.

SAP modules and SAP components ordered by their business area.
SAP modules / SAP components ordered by their business areas.

SAP Modules List / Components List

AbbreviationFull FormBusiness Area
ISIndustry SolutionsAcross Areas
WFWorkflowAcross Areas
CO-OMOverhead Cost ManagementFinancials
CO-OM-ABCActivity Based CostingFinancials
CO-OM-CCACost Center AccountingFinancials
CO-OM-CELCost Element LedgerFinancials
CO-OM-OPAOverhead Orders and Projects AccountingFinancials
CO-PAProfitability AnalysisFinancials
CO-PCProduct CostingFinancials
ECEnterprise ControllingFinancials
EC-CSEnterprise Controlling, Consolidation SystemFinancials
EC-PCAEnterprise Controlling, Profit Center AccountingFinancials
FIFinancial AccountingFinancials
FI-AAAsset AccountingFinancials
FI-APAccounts PayableFinancials
FI-ARAccounts ReceivableFinancials
FI-BLBank AccountingFinancials
FI-CAContract AccountingFinancials
FI-GLGeneral Ledger AccountingFinancials
FI-LCLegal ConsolidationFinancials
FI-SLSpecial Purpose LedgerFinancials
FI-TVTravel ManagementFinancials
IMInvestment ManagementFinancials
PSProject SystemFinancials
PSMPublic Sector ManagementFinancials
REReal Estate ManagementFinancials
PAPersonnel ManagementHuman Capital Management
PBRecruitingHuman Capital Management
PDPersonnel DevelopmentHuman Capital Management
PETraining and Event Management Human Capital Management
PTPersonnel Time Management Human Capital Management
PYPayrollHuman Capital Management
IS-AAutomotiveIndustry Solutions
IS-ADAerospace & DefenseIndustry Solutions
IS-AFSApparel and FootwearIndustry Solutions
IS-BankingBanking IndustryIndustry Solutions
IS-BEVBeverageIndustry Solutions
IS-DFPSDefense Forces & Public SecurityIndustry Solutions
IS-EC&OEngineering, Construction & OperationsIndustry Solutions
IS-FSFinancial ServicesIndustry Solutions
IS-HHealthcareIndustry Solutions
IS-HERHigher Education & ResearchIndustry Solutions
IS-HMEDClinical SystemIndustry Solutions
IS-MMediaIndustry Solutions
IS-M/AMMedia / Advertisement & Media-SalesIndustry Solutions
IS-M/SDMedia / Sales & DistributionIndustry Solutions
IS-MPMill ProductsIndustry Solutions
IS-OILOil & GasIndustry Solutions
IS-PSPublic SectorIndustry Solutions
IS-RRetailIndustry Solutions
IS-REReal EstateIndustry Solutions
IS-TTelecommunicationIndustry Solutions
IS-UUtilitiesIndustry Solutions
ABAgency Business (Settlement Management)Logistics
CSCustomer ServiceLogistics
EHSEnvironment, Health & SafetyLogistics
EWMExtended Warehouse ManagementLogistics
LELogistics ExecutionLogistics
LOLogistics - GeneralLogistics
MMMaterials ManagementLogistics
PMPlant MaintenanceLogistics
PPProduction Planning and ControlLogistics
PSProject SystemLogistics
QMQuality ManagementLogistics
SDSales and DistributionLogistics
TMTransportation ManagementLogistics
WMWarehouse ManagementLogistics
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