SAP Transaction Codes List for SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, and OData Services


All important t-codes (transaction codes) regarding SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, and OData Services – the list contains all t-codes that are related to SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, and OData Services.

The t-codes that are used regularly are marked with an ‘x’.

There are transaction codes with the namespaces IWFND, IWBNP, UI2, and UI5:

  • IWFND stands for Information Worker Foundation,
  • IWBND stands for Information Worker Business Enablement Provisioning,
  • UI2 stands for User Interface 2, and
  • UI5 stands for User Interface 5.

For more SAP acronyms and their full forms take a look at the ultimate SAP acronyms list.

Or see the most important SAP full forms explained to get a quick start into the world of SAP.

The IWFND component does the server job. For example, parsing and validating incoming requests from JSON or XML to ABAP and routing them to the IWBEP layer.

The IWBEP component does the back-end enablement job. For example, the parent classes for DP (Data Provider) classes and MP (Model Provider) classes of OData services.

By the way, with transaction code SE43 it is possible to create folders for the Easy Access Menu which pop-ups when the SAP NetWeaver opens. For example, a folder for all SAP UI5 related transaction codes.

Please leave in a comment if you would like to see any transaction added to the list.

SAP T-Codes List for SAP UI5, SAP Fiori, and OData Services

T-CodeDescriptionFrequently Used
/IWBEP/ANA_SRV_GENGenerate analytic services-
/IWBEP/BATCH_CONFIGParallelize batches-
/IWBEP/CACHE_CLEANUPClean up model cache-
/IWBEP/CLEANUP_JOBSManage clean up jobs-
/IWBEP/CONF_SERVICEConfigure IWBEP services-
/IWBEP/CONFIG_CHECKCheck configuration of IWBEP-
/IWBEP/CRE_DEF_JOBSCreate default clean up jobs-
/IWBEP/ERROR_LOGAccess OData services error log-
/IWBEP/ERROR_LOG_E2EAccess OData services error log - E2E-
/IWBEP/IMPORT_MODELImport service description files-
/IWBEP/NOTIF_MONITORAcess notification monitor -
/IWBEP/OCI_SRV_GENGenerate OData services for OSCI-
/IWBEP/REG_MODELMaintain model-
/IWBEP/REG_SERVICEMaintain OData service-
/IWBEP/REG_VOCANMaintain vocabulary annotations-
/IWBEP/RFC_BOP_DELDelete RFC BOP OData channel-
/IWBEP/RFC_BOP_GENGenerate RFC BOP OData Channel-
/IWBEP/SBOData services builder-
/IWBEP/SBSOData services builder setup-
/IWBEP/TRACESTrace OData service performance -
/IWBEP/UR_CLEANUPClean up user requests-
/IWBEP/V4_REGISTERRegister OData services-
/IWBEP/VIEW_LOGAccess Gateway
VIEW_LOG viewer
/IWBEP/WS_BOP_DELDelete WS BOP OData channel-
/IWBEP/WS_BOP_GENGenerate WS BOP OData channel-
/IWFND/CACHE_CLEANUPClean up model cache-
/IWFND/CLEANUP_JOBSManage clean up jobs-
/IWFND/CRE_DEF_JOBSCreate default clean up jobs-
/IWFND/ERROR_LOGAccess OData services error logx
/IWFND/ERROR_LOG_E2EAccess OData services error log E2E-
/IWFND/EXPLORERExplore OData services-
/IWFND/GW_CLIENTConsume and test OData servicesx
/IWFND/INIT_CCMSInitialize Gateway CCMS context-
/IWFND/MAINT_SERVICEActivate and maintain OData servicesx
/IWFND/MED_ACTIVATEToggle metadata Cache-
/IWFND/MED_SA_ACTIVToggle system alias based caching-
/IWFND/MOC_PARALLELParallelize multi-origin composition-
/IWFND/NOTIF_CLEANUPClean up notifications-
/IWFND/NOTIF_MONITORAcess notification monitor-
/IWFND/SERVICE_TESTExplore OData services-
/IWFND/SOFTSTATEToggle softstate-
/IWFND/STATSAccess Gateway statistics-
/IWFND/TRACES Trace OData service performance-
/IWFND/V4_PUBLISHPublish OData services-
/IWFND/VIRUS_SCANConfigure Gateway Virus Scanner-
/IWFND/WF_WEBGUIExecute workflow item in Web GUI-
/IWFND/WSS_SETUPConfigure web service message-based authentication
/IWWRK/WF_FILTERToggle work flow item filter-
/UI2/CACHERegister OData service for UI2 cache use -
Delete cache entries-
/UI2/CHIPRegister chip-
/UI2/CUSTCustomize UI technologies-
/UI2/FEEDBACK_SETUPSet up user feedback service-
/UI2/FLCCheck Fiori Launchpad-
/UI2/FLIAAnalyse Fiori Launchpads intents-
/UI2/FLPLaunch Fiori Launchpadx
/UI2/FLP_CONTCHECKCheck Fiori Launchpad content-
/UI2/FLP_INTENTCHECK Check Fiori Launchpad intents-
/UI2/FLPD_CONFLaunch Fiori Launchpad Designer - cross clientx
/UI2/FLPD_CUSTLaunch Fiori Launchpad Designer - client specificx
/UI2/GW_ACTIVATEActivate Gateway-
/UI2/GW_APPS_LOGAccess Gateway application log-
/UI2/GW_ERR_LOGAccess Gateway error log-
/UI2/GW_MAINT_SRVMaintain Gateway services-
/UI2/GW_SYS_ALIASManage Gateway system alias-
/UI2/INVAL_CACHESInvalidate UI2 cache global-
/UI2/NAVRegister navigation objects-
/UI2/NAVPROVDefine navigation provider-
/UI2/NWBCLaunch UI2 NetWeaver Business Client-
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_CUSTConfigure NetWeaver Business Client - customer-
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_P_CUSTDefine NetWeaver Business Client parameter - customer-
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_P_SAPDefine NetWeaver Business Client parameter - SAP-
/UI2/NWBC_CFG_SAPConfigure NetWeaver Business Client - SAP -
/UI2/PERS_DELClean up Personalisation Service-
/UI2/POWLRegister Personal Object Worklist for OData services consumption-
/UI2/SEMOBJCreate and maintain semantic objects - customerx
/UI2/SEMOBJ_SAPCreate and maintain semantic objects - SAP-
/UI5/THEME_DESIGNERAccess UI Theme Designer-
/UI5/THEME_TOOLAccess UI Theme Tool-
EXTID_DNLaunch external identification type DN-
LPD_CUSTCreate and maintain launchpadsx
PFCGCreate and maintain rolesx
PFTCMaintain tasks-
PTARQTest and configure leave based scenarios-
RSRTStart report monitor-
RZ10Create and maintain profile parameters-
RZ20Monitor CMS-
SBWPLaunch business workplace-
SE01Create and maintain transportsx
SE11Launch object dictionary maintenancex
SE16View tablesx
SE18Launch business add-ins definitions-
SE21Create and maintain packagesx
SE24Launch ABAP class builder-
SE37Create and maintain function modulesx
SE38Launch ABAP editorx
SE43Maintain easy access menu-
SE63Create and maintain translationsx
SE80Launch object navigatorx
SE93Create and maintain transaction codes-
SEGWCreate and maintain OData servicesx
SICFActivate and maintain servicesx
SM30Create and maintain views-
SM59Test and maintain RFC connections-
SMICMLaunch internet communication manager-
SMLGMaintain log on groups CCMS-
SPAMLaunch support package manager-
SPRODisplay project customizations and configurations-
ST05Performance Tracex
ST22Analyze ABAP dump-
SU01Maintain users-
SU20Maintain authorization fields-
SU21Maintain authorization objects-
SWDCAdministrate workflow definitions-
SWDDLaunch Workflow Builder-
SWIALaunch WI administration report-

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