How to Use a Sorter in an XML View or Controller in SAP UI5?

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Sorter sorts and groups items of an SAP UI5 control. For example, a sorter can sort a list’s items ascending or descending respective an item’s value. And a sorter can group a list’s items to a value of the items.

A sorter sorts and groups items in a list in SAP UI5.
A list’s items are grouped and sorted descending by a sorter which is set to the list’s binding – the products are grouped by the products supplier names and sorted ascending in each group.

A sorter can be set to a control’s binding in

  1. an XML view – a static sorter
  2. a controller – a dynamic sorter

Set Sorter in an XML View

Use an XML view to set an initial sorter for a control such as a list:

<!-- in your XML view -->
    path: '/Products', 
    sorter: [
        path: 'SupplierName', 
        descending: 'false', 
        group: 'true'


Set Sorter in a Controller

Use the controller of a view to manually add a sorter to a control:

// in your controller
], function(Controller, Sorter) {
  "use strict";
  return Controller.extend("", function() {


    onSetSorter: function() {

      var oSorter = new Sorter({
        path: 'Supplier', 
        descending: false, 
        group: 'true'

      var oList = this.byId("list-id");



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