SAPUI5: In Which Order Executes an SAPUI5 Application?

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This is about the execution order of an SAPUI5 application.

Learn which order SAPUI5 applications execute.

This is one of SAPUI5’s fundamentals you need to know to understand the big picture.

Let’s get right into it!

The Execution Order of an SAPUI5 Application

Below is the order in which SAPUI5 applications execute. The application files of the respective execution step are bolded:

  • Start of the application (index.html)
  • Load SAPUI5 resources
  • Index’s bootstrap loads component (component.js)
  • Component loads descriptor (manifest.json)
  • Component creates models defined in the descriptor
  • Execute component’s init function
  • Component’s init function executes parent UIComponent’s init function
  • Parent UIComponent’s init function creates manifest’s router
  • Parent UIComponent’s init function creates manifest’s root view (view1.view.xml)
  • Root view creates root control
  • Component’s init function initializes router
  • Router creates other necessary views
  • Each view loads corresponding controller (view1.controller.js)
  • Each controller executes its init function
  • Router places views in root control
  • Models are available in the views
  • Evaluate view’s bindings
  • Retrieve model data

Here’s the life cycle of a controller in SAPUI5.

Here is the SAPUI5 life cycle of a control.

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