SAPUI5: How to Use the i18n Model in a Fragment or Dialog?


This is about how to use i18n in a fragment or dialog in SAPUI5.

It’s pretty straightforward.

So if you want to translate fragments or dialogs, this is for you.

Let’s get started!

How to Use i18n in a Dialog in SAPUI5?

You can use the i18n model in a fragment or dialog too—you just add the fragment or dialog to the dependent aggregation of the respective XML view.

For example:

<!-- in your XML view -->

  <Button text="Dialog" press="onPress"/>
// in your controller
onPress: function() {
  if (!this.oDialog) {         
    this.oDialog = new Dialog();     
  // add the dialog to the view's dependent aggregation


After you added the fragment or dialog to the dependent aggregation of the view, the internalization i18n model is available for them as well.

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