69 SAP Web IDE Shortcuts – 13 Secret and 56 Official Shortcuts

SAP Web IDE Shortcuts.

SAP documented 56 shortcuts of its SAP Web IDE.

But 13 secret shortcuts are not documented.

Supercharge your Web IDE experience with these shortcuts.

Let’s get started.


Secret SAP Web IDE Shortcuts

For example, the multi cursor feature is just not documented!

But the Web IDE can do it. If you do not know what a multi-cursor is yet then it is definitely time for it. You will truly like it!

Just go to your Web IDE and use the multi-cursor shortcuts from below. The multi-cursor allows simultaneous editing!

The secret SAP Web IDE shortcuts are marked bold.

If you know even more secret shortcuts, please leave them in a comment so that they can be put in this list and thereby everybody can make use of them.

Complete SAP Web IDE Shortcuts List

F2Rename file or folder
ENDGo to end of line
POS1Go to start of line
TABIndent line
ALT + DOWN ARROW Move lines down
ALT + UP ARROW Move lines up
ALT + CCreate i18n entry
ALT + IOpen i18n
ALT + JRefactor
ALT + QMove to the tab on the left
ALT + RMove to the tab on the right
ALT + WClose file
ALT + SHIFT + DOWN ARROWClone lines up
ALT + SHIFT + UP ARROWClone lines down
ALT + SHIFT + WClose all files
CTRL + .Open Preferences perspective
CTRL + IShow/Hide all characters
CTRL + /Add or remove line comment
CTRL + 3Open Quick Access dialog box
CTRL + CCopy
CTRL + DDelete line
CTRL + FFind in file
CTRL + HFind and replace in file
CTRL + LGo to code of line
CTRL + MMaximize/Restore Active Editor
CTRL + END Go to end of file
CTRL + POS1Go to begin of file
CTRL + SSave file
CTRL + SPACEShow code auto completion
CTRL + VPaste
CTRL + YRedo
CTRL + ALT + /Add curly brackets
CTRL + ALT + ARROW LEFTSelect multi cursor backward
CTRL + ALT + ARROW RIGHTSelect multi cursor forward
CTRL + ALT + BBeautify code
CTRL + ALT + GGoto JavaScript definition
CTRL + ALT + JGenerate JSDoc Comment
CTRL + ALT + NNew file
CTRL + ALT + PView Problems
CTRL + ALT + TAdd TODO comment
CTRL + ALT + WFind references
CTRL + ALT + RNavigate back to the previous file
CTRL + ALT + YNavigate to the next file
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + ARROW LEFTSkip multi cursor selection backward
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + ARROW RIGHTSkip multi cursor selection forward
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + ENew extension project
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + NNew folder
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + ONew project
CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + RRun without frame
CTRL + LEFT MOUSE CLICKSelect multi cursor
CTRL + SHIFT + /Add or remove block comment
CTRL + Shift + 9Navigate to the file that was edited last
CTRL + SHIFT + ARROW LEFTSelect word to the right
CTRL + SHIFT + ARROW RIGHTSelect word to the left
CTRL + SHIFT + DClone line down
CTRL + SHIFT + EOpen Extensibility pane
CTRL + SHIFT + FAdvanced repository search
CTRL+ SHIFT + MView console
CTRL + SHIFT + SSave all files
CTRL + SHIFT + UView outline
CTRL + SHIFT + ROpen Resource
CTRL + SHIFT + VView Git pane
SHIFT + ENDGo to end of line and select
SHIFT + POS1Go to start of line and select
SHIFT + TABOutdent line
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