What Is SAP Jam? (+ Its Use Cases and Examples)

SAP Jam is the SAP Facebook.

SAP Jam is a cloud-based social network for companies.

So if you want a fuller explanation of SAP Jam and what it can do, then you came to the right place.

Let’s jump right in!

SAP Jam in a Nutshell

SAP Jam is a cloud-based social media platform from SAP.

SAP Jam supports problem-solving and decision-making by bringing together people, processes, information, and applications.

SAP Jam helps organizations to share, collaborate, learn, and innovate with their employees, partners, and customers through social networking. It allows users to collaborate and share documents and ideas, rather than sharing them via emails or other channels that are harder to track and manage.

The ROI (Return on Investment) from SAP Jam is up to 641%.


SAP Jam is a combination of SAP’s prior social collaboration platform, SAP StreamWork, and SuccessFactors Jam, a platform SAP acquired when it bought SuccessFactors.

SuccessFactors provided human capital management software via the cloud, using the Software as a Service model.

StreamWork and SuccessFactors Jam were both standalone applications that were loosely integrated with some of SAP’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) applications.

In contrast, SAP Jam integrates with SAP applications in order to boost social collaboration in departments, such as human capital management and customer relationship management.

SAP Jam screenshot.

SAP Jam has several tools for connecting employees, sharing information, and enabling collaboration, including:

  • Blogs and wikis
  • Page designing for groups with easy to use widgets
  • Content sharing, mirroring, and versioning
  • Task assignments
  • Groups for public, private, or external members
  • Multiple language support
  • Screen reader accessibility support
  • Integrations with Microsoft Skype for Business, Microsoft Sharepoint, OpenText Content Server, and more
  • Screen recordable or ready to upload and share videos
  • Event creation with invitations to current and pending members
  • Time away alerts and notifications
  • Polls and decision making tools
  • Forum participation and moderation for problem solving and discussion
  • Activity feeds with user status updates

SAP Jam Use Case Examples

Here are two examples of how SAP Jam is used by businesses:

  • SAP Jam extends collaboration to a cloud-based intranet that can replace legacy and on-premises collaboration platforms and portals.
  • SAP Jam complements SAP SuccessFactors Learning with blended and informal learning, offering a complete, modern learning experience with mobile-based and micro-learning.

According to a study, here are companies’ main reasons for using SAP Jam:

Primary Business Drivers for Using the SAP Jam Solution in Different Organizations

SAP Jam connects collaboration with the tools and processes employees already use every day. This increases employee engagement and improves communication between employees, customers, and partners, in areas such as:

  • Enterprise collaboration
  • Intranet
  • Learning
  • HR
  • Sales
  • Service
  • Marketing

With SAP Jam’s integration into other applications, clients can have collaboration directly within one integrated collaboration platform without creating silos of information.

SAP integrates with third-party applications and SAP applications like:

  • SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite
  • SAP Sales Cloud
  • SAP Service Cloud
  • SAP Integrated Business Planning
  • SAP Cloud Platform

SAP’s Examples for SAP Jam

Here are the use cases and benefits SAP showcases for SAP Jam:

Enterprise Collaboration

SAP Jam allows to connect people with information, experts, apps, and processes.

  • Deliver a global collaboration platform.
    • Accelerate innovation by collaborating with your customers and partners.
    • Eliminate disconnected social silos in your company.
    • Keep everyone on the same page by storing information and documents in one place.
    • Provide an interactive experience to inform and engage users.
  • Improve agility and speed up decision-making.
    • Access information and expertise more quickly.
    • Inform and engage employees with a modern intranet that gives them role-based content.
    • Integrate SAP and third-party apps and APIs. 
    • Make content creation easier with real-time collaboration and messaging.
  • Simplify application design, development, and rollout.
    • Access information and collaborate from any device and in any location.
    • Reduce licensing fees for multiple collaboration products.
    • Reduce IT costs and improve security and availability.
    • Simplify application development with collaboration user interfaces and APIs enabled by SAP Extension Suite.


SAP Jam connects your intranet with enterprise collaboration so that you can find and share information across all your business processes. 

  • Foster collaboration where and how employees work.
    • Deliver company news and collaboration capabilities through mobile applications.
    • Empower employees with self-service information access and sharing.
    • Enhance business processes directly where users are already working.
  • Improve ROI from existing IT infrastructure.
    • Accelerate business performance with cloud-based collaboration.
    • Integrate critical content with backend systems.
    • Streamline employee self-service to resolve issues more efficiently.
  • Modernize the intranet user experience.
    • Accelerate strategy creation, brainstorming, scenario evaluation, and decision-making.
    • Provide faster, easier access to information and expertise.
    • Transform discovering, accessing, and sharing information across roles and locations.


SAP Jam enhances employee learning by using your LMS (Learning Management System), such as SAP SuccessFactors Learning, in conjunction with a collaboration platform.

  • Extend learning to employees’ workplaces.
    • Find information, courses, and experts faster.
    • Make on-the-job learning easier with discovery, collaboration, peer resources, and expert finding.
    • Reduce the cost of onboarding and training new hires.
    • Support social, collaborative, and just-in-time learning anywhere, anytime, on any device.
  • Make employees more engaged with informal learning.
    • Further learning with collaboration, peer-to-peer support, and expert discovery.
    • Incorporate documents, discussions, videos, and micro learning that suits the needs of employees.
    • Integrate learning into daily work to ensure proper training.
    • Interact outside of the formal classroom.
  • Make your learning programs more economic.
    • Cut content creation costs by incorporating employee-created content.
    • Promote learning programs on your enterprise collaboration platform and intranet.
    • Reduce the cost of creating content and traveling to training.


SAP Jam allows to incorporate a human element in HR by improving employee onboarding, training, and engagement processes.

  • Foster engagement among employees.
    • Connect the workforce across generations, seniority levels, cultures and backgrounds.
    • Ensure equal opportunities for learning and development.
    • Give every employee a voice and connect them with the right experts and information.
    • Promote open and inclusive communication.
  • Make sure new hires get to the right resources quickly.
    • Connect employees with subject matter experts quickly and easily.
    • Establish onboarding communities that provide a safe place for asking questions.
    • Foster a culture of open communication and information sharing.
    • Reduce costs of onboarding.
  • Utilize blended learning to raise training effectiveness.
    • Build a mobile-ready experience for continuous learning with a modern look and feel.
    • Extend your learning opportunities to your corporate intranet and collaboration platform.
    • Reduce travel costs for training.
    • Supplement talent development with community of experts and interests.
  • Retain top talent and enhance the workforce development.
    • Provide employees with the tools, training, resources, and support they need.
    • Unite and support development communities.
    • Support mentors by giving them a collaborative platform.
    • Streamline the development programs.
  • Strategically improve HR processes.
    • Create content that you can easily update yourself using self-service tools and flexible workflows.
    • Engage employees in collaboration across a wider organization.
    • Ensure information is shared at the speed of business by bringing in the topic experts.
    • Realize a fast, significant ROI.


SAP Jam speeds up sales cycles by ensuring effective collaboration between sales teams, internal experts, customers, and partners.

  • Collaborate with customers, experts, and partners.
    • Enable continuous interaction with your sales team and customers with mobile support.
    • Make prospect, customer, or partner communities around a product or market segment.
    • Manage customer expectations across the order-to-cash process.
  • Develop repeatable, collaborative processes.
    • Accelerate new business closures.
    • Collaborate on sales documents and work with the customer on proposals, quotes, and contracts.
    • Engage in regular communication with customers and partners.
    • Focus teams on the top priority opportunities to increase win rates and decrease time to close.
  • Develop skills through training, mentoring, and coaching.
    • Enhance the formal training with user-contributed content and discussions.
    • Make relevant learning content at a lower cost.
    • Provide employees with one-to-many or one-on-one coaching and mentoring.
    • Recommend content and experts to drive continuous improvement.

Service and Support

SAP Jam enables collaborative work with customers, internal stakeholders, and experts to resolve service requests and exceed customer expectations.

  • Accelerate response times and resolve problems effectively.
    • Engage cross-functional teams to exchange information more rapidly.
    • Reducing service costs through faster issue resolution
    • Swarm high-priority service issues before they hurt customer satisfaction.
  • Minimize the time to contribution.
    • Blend formal and informal content through integrating learning management systems.
    • Develop employees with one-on-one or group coaching and mentoring.
    • Provide an onboarding experience with recommended people and content.
  • Strengthen relationships and improve efficiency.
    • Build an internal knowledgebase of information, integrated with SAP Service Cloud.
    • Enhance business intelligence with user-contributed content and conversations.
    • Keep your team in sync with recommended content, notifications, and answers.


SAP Jam improves marketing program planning, execution, and analysis through collaboration.

  • Accelerate onboarding and training.
    • Enable integration with learning systems to ensure immediate access to recommended and prescribed training.
    • Highlight crowdsourced expertise to find the best answers for intelligent learning.
    • Provide an onboarding experience with recommended people and content.
  • Make marketing content and campaigns.
    • Improve program planning and execution through integration with SAP Marketing Cloud
    • Keep things moving with task management, streamlined approvals, and simplified exception handling
    • Promote creativity through structured brainstorming and rich communication channels
  • Update the sales and partner teams with updated content.
    • Connect directly with your sales team and partners to exchange ideas and collaborate.
    • Create and collaborate on content without e-mails and version collisions.
    • Keep your sales teams and partners informed and productive with the latest content.

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