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Ultimate 839 SAP Acronyms List – What Stands for What in SAP?

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Ultimate 839 SAP acronyms list – stop guessing about SAP acronyms. This SAP acronyms list grows continuously.

If you are looking for a quick start into SAP, then take a look at the 9 most important SAP full forms and the explanations of each.

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SAP acronyms list depicted as archive reference card catalog.
Ultimate SAP acronyms list to stop the need to search for SAP acronyms all over the internet.

Ultimate SAP Acronyms List

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AcronymFull Form
A2AApplication to Application
AAAsset Accounting
AAEAdvanced Adapter Engine
aATPAdvanced Available-to-Promise
ABAgency Business
ABAPAdvanced Business Application Programming
ABCActivity Based Costing
ACEAccess Control Engine
ACFActive Component Framework
ACIDAtomicity, Consistency, Isolation, and Durability
ADAerospace and Defense
ADBApple Desktop Bus
ADBCABAP Database Connectivity
ADCAnalog-to-Digital Converter
ADEAutomatic Design Engineering
ADKArchive Development Kit
ADPAdaptive Processing Server
ADSAdvantage Database Server
ADSAdobe Document Services
ADSIActive Directory Service Interfaces
ADSOAdvanced Datastore Object
AEAdapter Engine
AESAdvanced Encryption Standard
AFAdapter Framework
AFLsApplication Function Libraries
AFSApparel and Footwear
AIArtificial Intelligence
AIIAuto-ID Infrastructure
AJAXAsynchronous JavaScript and XML
ALDAdobe LiveCycle Designer
ALEApplication Link Enabling
ALGOLAlgorithmic Language
ALMApplication Lifecycle Management
ALUArithmetic And Logical Unit
ALVABAP List Viewer
ANSIAmerican National Standard Institute
AOBJArchive Objects
APAccounts Payable
APCAsynchronous Procedure Call
APIApplication Programming Interface
APOAdvanced Planning, and Optimization
APO-DPDemand Planning
APO-GATPGlobal Available to Promise
APO-PPDSProduction Planning and Detailed Scheduling
APO-SNPSupply Network Planning
APO-TPVSTransportation Management
ARAccounts Receivable
ARCAdvanced Risk Computing
aRFCAsynchronous Remote Function Call
ARISARIS Modeling UI by IDS Sheer (Note: Not an acronym)
ARPAAdvanced Research Agency Addressing
ASApplication Server
AS2Applicability Statement 2
ASAPAccelerated SAP Methodology for Implementation
ASCAccredited Standards Committee
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASEAdaptive Server Enterprise
ASICApplication Specific Integration Circuit
ASMAAdapter-Specific Message Attributes
ASPActive Server Page
ASPApplication Service Provider
ATAAdvanced Technology Attachment
ATMAutomated Teller Machine
AUCAsset under construction
AUnitABAP Unit
AWSAmazon Web Services
AWTAbstract Window Toolkit
AXISApache eXtensible Interaction System


AcronymFull Form
B2BBusiness to Business
B2CBusiness to Consumer
BAdIBusiness Add In
BAMBusiness Activity Monitoring
BAPIBusiness Application Programming Interface
BARBase Address And Logical Unit
BCClosing Balance
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BCGBulk Calculations Gas
BCPBulk Calculations Petroleum
BCRBar Code Reader
BCSBulk Calculation Solution
BCSBusiness Communication Services
BDCBatch Data Conversion
BDCBatch Data Communication
BDocBusiness Document
BDSBusiness Document Services
BDTBusiness Data Toolset
BEBest Effort
BExBusiness Explorer
BFCBusiness Objects Financial Consolidation
BFDBinary File Descriptor
BFLBusiness Function Library
bgRFCBackground Remote Function Call
BIBusiness Intelligence
BIBusiness Objects Business Intelligence
BI-BPSBusiness Planning and Simulation
BICBusiness Information Collection
BICSBusiness Intelligence Consumer Service
BIOSBasic Input Output System
BLBanking and Loans
BLBank Ledger
BLOBBinary Long Object
BMPBit Map
BOBusiness Objects
BOBIBusiness Objects Business Intelligence
BODIBusiness Objects Data Integrator
BODSBusiness Objects Data Services
BOEBusiness Objects Enterprise
BOLBusiness Object Layer
BOMBill of Material
BORBusiness Object Repository
BPCBusiness Planning and Consolidation
BPCBusiness Objects Planning and Consolidation
BPEBusiness Process Engine
BPELBusiness Process Execution Language
BPMBusiness Process Management
BPMNBusiness Process Modeling Notation
BPPBusiness Process Platform
BPSBusiness Planning and Simulation
BRFBusiness Rule Framework
BRFplusBusiness Rule Framework
BRMBusiness Rule Management
BRSBank Reconciliation Statement
BSPBusiness Server Page
BTCIBatch Input
BTEBusiness Transaction Events
BWBusiness Warehouse
BW-BPSBusiness Warehouse - Business Planning and Simulation
bXMLBusiness XML


C/4Cloud 4
C/SIClient Server Interfaces
CAConversion Agent
CAContract Accounting
CADComputer-Aided Design
CAFComposite Application Framework
CASEComputer-Aided Software Engineering
CATSCross-Application Time Sheet
CATTComputer-Aided Test Tool
CBSComponent Build Service
CCACost Center Accounting
ccBPMCross-Component Business Process Management
CCFCredit Conversion Factor
CCMSComputing Center Management System
CDRCharging Data Records
CDSCore Data Services
CECalculation Engine
CEComposition Environment
CELCost Element Ledger
CEPComplex Event Processing
CESUCompatibility Encoding Scheme
CFWControl Framework
CICCustomer Interaction Center
CIDXChemical Industry Data Exchange
CLMContract Lifecycle Management
CLOBCharacter large object
CLOBCharacter Large Object
CMCampus Management
CMCash Management
CMConnection Manager
CMISContent Management Interoperability Services
CMMSComputerized Maintenance Management Systems
CMSChange Management System
CO-OMOverhead Cost
CO-PAProfitability Analysis
CO-PCProduct Cost
COAChart of Accounts
CoITConsumerzation of IT
CPCost Planning
CPMCorporate Performance Management
CPGConsumer Packaged Goods
CPI-CCommon Programming Interface for Communication
CPMCorporate Performance Monitor
CPQConfigure, Price, and Quote
CMSContent Management System
CRAM-MD5Challenge-Response Authentication Mechanism – Message-Digest 5
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CRUDCreate Read Update Delete
CSConsolidation System
CSCustomer Service
CSPComplementary Software Partners
CSVComma-separated values
CTCCentral Template Configuration
CTSChange and Transport System
CTS+CTS Enhanced
CUACentral User Administration
CWIPCapital Work in Process


DAData Ageing
dAIOAsynchronous Input/Output Daemon
dALARMAlarm Daemon
DAPData Archive Processes
DARTData Retention Tool
DBMSDatabase Management System
DBODatabase Owner
DCLData Control Language
dCMConnection Manager Daemon
DDICData Dictionary
DDLData Definition Language
DDODistributed Data Optimizer
DEDocument Exchange
DFPSDefense Forces and Public Security
DIMEDirect Internet Message Encapsulation
DLMData Lifecycle Manager
DMLData Manipulation Language
DMODatabase Migration Option
DMSDocument Management System
DOIDesktop Office Integration
DOMDocument Object Model
DPCData Provider Class
DQLData Query Language
DRDisaster Recovery
dRECRecovery Daemon
DSIData Server Interface
DSOData Store Object
DSSDecision Support System
dSUBSubscription Retry Daemon
DTDynamic Tiering
DTDDocument Type Definition
DTRDesign Time Repository
DTSDemand to Supply
DVMData Volume Management
DWFData Warehouse Foundation
DWHData Warehouse
DXCDirect Extractor Connection


EAIEnterprise Application Integration
EAMEnterprise Asset Management
EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code
ECEnterprise Controlling
EC-PCAProfit Center Accounting
EC&OEngineering, Construction & Operations
eCATTExtended Computer Aided Test Tool
ECCERP Central Component
ECCEnterprise Core Component
ECDAEnterprise Connect Data Access
ECM Enterprise Content Management
EDExcise Duty
EDIElectronic Data Interchange
EDIINTEDI over Interernet
EDMEntity Data Model
EDPElectronic Data Processing
EDWEnterprise Data Warehouse
EHSEnvironment, Health, and Safety
EHS (M)Environment, Health, and Safety (Management)
EIMEnterprise Information Management
EISExecutive Information System
EJBEnterprise Java Beans
ELMExceptions Log Manager
EMEvent Management
EMMEnterprise Mobility Management
EOExactly Once
EOIOExactly Once in Order
EPEnterprise Portal
EPMEnterprise Performance Management
EPMBusinessObjects Enterprise Performance Management
ERMEmployee Relationship Management
ERPEnterprise Resource Planning
ERSSDEmbedded Replication Server System Database
ES6Escma Script 6
ESBEnterprise Service Bus
ESMExternal Services Management
ESPEvent Stream Processor
ESREnterprise Service Repository
ESSEmployee Self Service
ETLExtraction, Transformation, and Loading
EVElectric Vehicles
EVSEElectric Vehicle Service Equipment
EVSPElectric Vehicle Service Providers
EWMExtended Warehouse Management


FAFixed Assets
FFMField Force Management
FGFinished Goods
FI-AAAsset Accounting
FI-APAccounts Payable
FI-ARAccounts Receivable
FI-BLBank Ledger
FI-CAContract Accounts
FI-GLGeneral Ledger
FI-SLSpecial Purpose Ledger
FI-TVTravel Management
FICOFinancials and Controlling
FIMFinancial Information Management
FLPFiori Launchpad
FLPDFiori Launchpad Designer
FPSFeature Pack Stack
FSFinancial Services
FSFunctional Specifications
FS-BPBusiness Partner
FS-CDCollection and Disbursement
FS-CMClaim Management
FS-CMLConsumer, Corporate Mortgage Loans
FS-CMSCollateral Management
FS-ICMIncentive and Commission Management
FS-PMPolicy Management
FSCMFinancial Supply Chain Management
FSTRFunction String
FTPFile Transfer Protocol


GDSGlobal Data Synchronisation 
GDTGlobal Data Type
GenILGeneric Interaction Layer
GLGeneral Ledger
GMLGeneric Modeling Language
GMTGreenwich Mean Time
GOSGeneric Object Services
GRGoods Receipt
GRCGovernance, Risk, and Compliance
GRMGGeneric Request and Message Generator
GTMGlobal Trade Management
GUIGraphical User Interface
GUIDGlobal Unique Identifier


HAFHANA Analytical Foundation
HANAHigh Performance Analytic Appliance
HANA XSHANA Extended Application Services
HANA XSAHANA Extended Application Services Advanced
HANA XSCHANA Extended Application Services Classic
HCMHuman Capital Management
HDFSHadoop Distributed File System
HDSHeterogeneous datatype support
HERHigher Education and Research
HMEDHuman Medicin
HPCHigh Performance Cloud
HRHuman Resources
HR-ECMEnterprise Compensation
HR-LSOLearning Solutions
HR-OMOrganization Management
HR-PAPersonnel Administration
HR-PDPersonnel Development
HR-PMPersonnel Management
HR-PTPersonal Time Management
HR-TETraining and Event Management
HSRPHot Standby Router Protocol
HTMHypertext Markup
HTMLHypertext Markup Language
HTML5Hypertext Markup Language 5
HTSHash Table
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPHypertext Transfer Protocol
HTTPSHypertext Transfer Protocol Secure
HUMHandling Unit Management


IaaSInfrastructure as a Service
IACInternet Application Component
IBIntegration Builder
IBMInternational Business Machines
ICEInternal Combustion Engine
ICFInternet Communication Framework
ICFInternet Communication Framework
ICMInternet Communication Manager
ICMInternet Communication Monitor
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICRIntelligent Character Recognition
IDIntegration Directory
IDEIntegrated Development Environment
IDESInternet Demonstration and Evaluation System
IDocIntermediate Document
IDocIntermediate Document
IEIntegration Engine
IGSInternet Graphics Service
IKSInternet Knowledge servlet
ILMInformation Lifecycle Management
IMInventory Management
IMInvestment Management
IM-APAppropriation Requests
IM-IOInvestment Orders/Measures
IM-IPInvestment Programs
IM-ISInvestment Support
IMAPInternet Message Access Protocol
IMCEIn-Memory Computing Engine
IMGImplementation Guide
IMG  Implementation Management Guide
IMSLInternational Mathematical and Statistical Libraries
IO Internal Order
IOBJInfo Object
iOSInternet, Individual, Instruct, Inform, and Inspire Operating System
IoTInternet of Things
IPInternet Protocol
iPPEintegrated Product and Process Engineering
IRInvoice Receipt
IRIntegration Repository
ISIntegration Server
ISIndustry Solution
ISIndustry Specification
IS-OILOil and Gas
IS-PSPublic Sector
IS-REReal Estate
IS-T Telecommunication
ISDIntegrated Services Delivery
ISOInternational Organization for Standardization
ITInformation Technology
ITFInterchange Text Format
ITSInternet Transaction Server
IWBEPInformation Worker Business Enablement Provisioning
IWFNDInformation Worker Foundation


J2EEJava 2 Enterprise Edition
J2MEJava 2 Micro Edition
J2SEJava 2 Standard Edition
JASJava Application Server
Java EEJava Enterprise Edition
Java SEJava Standard Edition
JCAJava Connector Architecture
JCoJava Connector
JDBCJava Database Connectivity
JFCJava Foundation Classes
JMSJava Message Service
JMXJava Management Extensions
JREJava Runtime Environment
JSJava Script
JSONJavaScript Object Notation
JSPJava Server Pages


KISSKeep It Short and Simple
KMKnowledge Management
KPIKey Performance Indicator
KProKnowledge Provider
KWKnowledge Warehouse
KYFKey Figure


LANLocal Area Network
LBOLocation-Based Offers
LCLegal Consolidation
LDAPLightweight Directory Access Protocol
LDBLogical Database
LDQLocal Data Queue
LELogistics Execution
LE-TRMTask and Resource Management
LESLogistics Execution System
LIFOLast in First Out
LLLinked List
LOLogistics General
LO-ABAgency Business 
LOBLarge Object
LOILetter of Intent
LRULeast Recently Used Algorithm
LSMWLegacy System Migration Workbench
LSOLearning Solution
LTILog Transfer Interface
LTLLog Transfer Language
LUWLogical Unit of Work


M/AMMedia/Advertisement and Media-Sales
M/SDMedia/Sales and Distribution
MADPMobile Application Development Platform
MAMMobile Application Management
MBOManagement by Objectives
MCMMobile Content Management
MCODMultiple Components in One Database
MDMessage Delivery
MDFMeta Data Framework
MDGMulti-Dimensional Governance
MDGMaster Data Governance
MDISMDM Import Server
MDKMobile Development Kit
MDMMaster Data Management
MDMMulti-Dimensional Modeling
MDMMaster Data Management
MDMMeta Data Management
MDMMobile Device Management
MDNMessage Disposition Notification
MDSSMDM Syndication Server
MDTMessage Display Tool
MDXMulti-Dimensional Expressions
MEAPMobile Enterprise Application Platform
MEMMemory Management
MESManufacturing Execution System
MIMobile Infrastructure
MII Manufacturing Integration and Intelligence
MIMEMultipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
MMMaterials Management
MMRMeta Model Repository
MPMill Products
MPCModel Provider Class
MPIMemory Pipes
MPPMassively Parallel Processing
MRPMaterials Requirement Planning
MRSMulti-Resource Scheduling
MSAMulti-Site Availability
MSEMobile Service
MSS Manager Self Services
MTOMMessage Transmission Optimization Mechanism
MVCModel View Controller
MVCCMulti-Version Concurrency Control


NFSNetwork File System
NLSNear Line Storage
NPVNet Present Value
NRRNon-Repudiation of Receipt
NTLMNew Technology LAN Manager
NWANetWeaver Administrator
NWDINetWeaver Development Infrastructure
NWDSNetWeaver Developer Studio


OBOpening Balance
OBNObject-Based Navigation
OCROptical Character Recognition
ODataOpen Data Protocol
ODBCOpen Database Connectivity
ODBOObject Linking and Embedding Database for Online Analytical Processing
ODSOperational Data Store
ODSOpen Data Source
ODS ViewsOperational Data Source View
OEMOriginal Equipment Manufacturer
OERObject Event Repository
OLAPOnline Analytical Processing
OLEObject Linking and Embedding
OLFITOptimistic Latchfree Index Transversal
OLTPOnline Transaction Processing
OMOrganizational Management
OMOverhead Management
OMPOpportunity Management Phase
OPAOverhead Projects Accounting
OPCOLE for process control
OQIDOrigin Queue Identifier
OSFOperating system compliant with standards
OSSOnline Support System
OTBOpen To Buy
OTFOutput Text Format
OTROnline Text Repository


PAPersonnel Administration
PAProfitability Analysis
PAPersonnel Management
PaaSPlatform as a Service
PAIProcess After Input
PALPredictive Analysis Library
PAMProduct Availability Matrix
PARPortal Application Archive
PAWPerformance Assessment Workbench
PBOProcess Before Output
PCProduct Costing
PCAProfit Center Accounting
PCCPre-Configured Client
PCKPartner Connectivity Kit
PCMProfitability and Cost Management
PCUPricing and Costing for Utilities
PDPersonnel Development
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
PDFPortable Document Format
PDKPortal Development Kit
PDLPage Description Language
PDSPrimary Data Server
PETraining and Event Management
PGIPost Goods Issue
PHPHypertext Preprocessor
PHTMLBPHP Hypertext Markup Language Business
PIProcess Integration
PIDXPetroleum Industry Data Exchange
PIGPortable Interactive Graphics
PIGLETApplets used in PIG
PIPPartner Interface Process
PLMProduct Lifecycle Management
PMPlant Maintenance
PMProject Manager
PMIProcess Monitoring Infrastructure
PMMLPredictive Modeling Markup Language
POPurchase Order
POCProof of Concept
POHProcess on Help Request
POIPoints of Interest
POPPoint of Profit
POP3Post Office Protocol Version 3
POSPoint of sale
POS DMPoint of Sale Data Management
POVProcess on Value Request
PPProduction Planning
PP/PIProduction Planning/Process Industry
PPFPost Processing Framework
PPMProject Portfolio Management
PQPProject Quality Plan
PRSPrimary Replication Server
PSPublic Sector
PSProject System
PSAProduction Sharing Accounting
PSAPersistent Staging Area
PSCDPublic Sector Collection and Disbursements
PSMPublic Sector Management
PSM-ECExpenditure Certification
PSM-FAFund Accounting
PSM-FGFederal Government
PSM-FMFunds Management
PSM-GMGrants Management
PSUsPower Supply Units
PTPersonnel Time Management
PXAProgram Execution Area


QIDQueue Identification
QMQuality Management
QOSQuality of Service
qRFCQueued Remote Function Call


R/1Real-Time 1 Tier
R/2Real-Time 2 Tier
R/3Real-Time 3 Tier
RAReplication Agent
RCLReplication Command Language
RDAReal Time Data Acquisition
RDBMSRelational Database Management System
RDIRaw Data Interface
RDLRiver Definition Language
RDSReplicate Data Server
RDSRapid Development Solution
RDSRSA Data Security
RDTPReal-Time Data Platform
REReal Estate
REP AgentReplication Agent
RESTRepresentational State Transfer
RFRadio Frequency
RFReal-Time Finance
RFCRequest for Change
RFCRequest for Comments
RFCRemote Function Call
RFIRequest for Information
RFM Remote Function Module
RFPRequest For Proposal
RFQRequest for Quotation
RITRemittance in Transit
RLMRemote Logistics Management
RMRecipe Management
RMDRetail Master Data
RMIRemote Method Invocation
RNIFRosettaNet Implementation Framework
ROIRegion of Interest
ROIReturn on Investment
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RPORecovery Period Objective
RRSReplicate Replication Server
RSReplication Server
RSAReplication System Administrator
RSIReplication Server Interface
RSPReplicated Stored Procedure
RSSReally Simple Syndication
RSSRich Site Summary
RSSDReplication Server System Database
RTFRich Text Format
RTORecovery Time Objective
RTTCRuntime Type Creation
RTTIRuntime Type Identification
RTTSRuntime Type Services
RWRetention Warehouse
RWBRuntime Work Bench


S/4Business Suite 4
S/4HANABusiness Suite 4 HANA
S/MIMESecure/Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions
SAService Aggregator
SASystem Administrator
SaaSSoftware as a Service
SAMLSecurity Assertion Markup Language
SAPSysteme, Anwendungen und Produkte in der Datenverarbeitung (Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing)
SAP A1 FSSAP All in One Fast Track
SAP B1SAP Business One
SAP EBSAP Enterprise Buyer
SAP ERPSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SAPOSCOLSAP Operating System Collector
SCSales Channel
SCSupplier Collaboration
SCMSupply Change Management
SCNSAP Community Network
SCPSAP Cloud Platform
SDSales and Distribution
SDASmart Data Access
SDISmart Data Integration
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SDMSoftware Development Manager
SDQSmart Data Quality
SDSSmart Data Streaming
SEMStrategic Enterprise Management
SFGSemi-finished Goods
SFWSwitch Framework
SHAFSAP HANA Analytical Foundation
SLSpecial Ledger
SLAService Level Agreement
SLCMStudent Life Cycle Management
SLDSystem Landscape Directory
SLESSUSE Linux Enterprise Server
SLOSystem Landscape Optimization
SLTSAP Landscape Transformation
SMService Management
SMSolution Management
SMARTSpecific, Measurable,
Achievable, Relevant, Time-Specific
SMBSmall- and Medium-Sized Businesses
SMDSolution Manager Diagnostics
SMESmall- and Medium-Sized Enterprises
SMPService Marketplace
SMPSybase Mobiliser Platform
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SNCSupply Network Collaboration
SNCSecure Network Communication
SOAService-Oriented Architecture
SOAPSimple Object Access Protocol
SODStatement of Direction
SOLMANSolution Manager
SOPSales and Operations
SPService Provider
SPStored Procedure
SPSupplier Portal
SPSupport Package
SPMSpend Performance Management
SPOOLSimultaneous Peripheral Operations On-line
SPSService Pack Stacks
SQLStructured Query Language
SQLASAP Sybase Mobile database SQL Anywhere
SQMStable Queue Manager
SQTStable Queue Transaction Interface
SRService Release
SRESubscription Resolution Engine
sRFCSynchronous Remote Function Call
SRMStakeholder Relationship Management
SRMSupplier Relationship Management
SRSSystem Replication Service
SRSSAP Retail Store
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
SSMSAP Strategy Management
STSimple Transformation
STOPStock Transfer Purchase Order
STSSystem Table Services
SUMSoftware Update Manager
SUPSybase Unwired Platform
SUSSupplier Self-Services
SVGScalable Vector Graphics
SVNSAP Vehicles Network
SVN MPSAP Vehicles Network Marketplace
SWCSoftware Component
SWCVSoftware Component Version
SWPStrategic Workforce Planning


T&MTime and Material
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership
T-CodeTransaction code
TCPTransmission Control Protocol
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TDTransaction Delivery
TDSTabular Data Stream
TMTransport Management
TMSTransport Management System
TPTechnical Provider
TPMTrade Promotions Management
TQMTotal Quality Management
TREXText Retrieval and Extraction
tRFCTransactional Remote Function Call
TRMTreasury and Risk Management
TSOTime-Sharing Option


UATUser Acceptance Test
UCCnetUniform/Universal Code Council network
UCD User-Centered Design
UCSUniversal Character Set
UDDIUniversal Description, Discovery, and Integration
UDFUser Defined Function
UDIUniversal Data Integration
UDPUser Datagram Protocol
UE User Exit
UI User Interface
UI5User Interface 5
UIDUnique Identifier
UMEUser Management Engine
UMLUnified Modeling Language
UN/EDIFACTUnited Nation Electronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce, and Transport
UNTDIUnited Nation Trade Data Interchange
UOMUnit of Measurement
UP User Productivity
UR Unified Rendering
URLUniform Resource Locator
USPUnique Selling Point
USPUnique Selling Proposition
UTUniversal Time
UTCCoordinated Universal Time
UTFUnicode Transformation Format
UTF-8Unicode Transformation Format 8 Bit
UTF-16Unicode Transformation Format 16 Bit
UTF-32Unicode Transformation Format 32 Bit
UUIDUniversal Unique Identifier
UWL Universal Worklist
UX User Experience


VANValue Added Network
VCVariant Configuration
VC Variant Configuration
VDLVirtual Data Layer
VDMVirtual Data Mart
VDMVirtual Data Model
VMSVehicle Management System
VPNVirtual Private Network


WADWeb Application Designer
WANWide Area Network
WASWeb Application Server
WBSWork Breakdown Structure
WDWeb Dynpro
WD4AWeb Dynpro for ABAP
WD4JWeb Dynpro for Java
Web ASSAP Web Application Server
WebDAVWeb-Based Distributed Authoring
WebIWeb Intelligence for Adhoc reporting
WFMCWorkflow Management Coalition
WIPWork in Process
WMWarehouse Management
WS-RMWeb Services Reliable Messaging
WSDLWeb Services Description Language
WSIWeb Service Interoperability


xApp Cross Application
XDG xApp Design Group
xEPM xApp Employee Process Management
xERM xApp Employee Relationship Management
XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language
XIExchange Infrastructure
XMLExtensible Markup Language
XMLAXML for Analysis
XMLIXML Interface
XPathXML Path Language
XSExtended Application Services
XSACross-Server Attack
XSAExtended Application Services Advanced
XSCExtended Application Services Classic
XSDXML Schema Definition
XSJSExtended Application Services JavaScript
XSLExtensible Stylesheet Language
XSLTXSL Transformations


YNamespace for custom developments in SAP systems
YMYard Management


ZNamespace for custom developments in SAP systems

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