1000+ Massive SAP Acronyms List (Sortable & Searchable)

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This is THE SAP acronyms list.

The list has 1000+ SAP acronyms and is constantly growing.

Never want to search for SAP acronyms in the deepest depths of the internet again?—find the list below.

Let’s get started!

Massive SAP Acronyms List

Below are SAP acronyms with their definitions.

By the way, here’s a SAP glossary with SAP terms and their definitions.

Further, here are key SAP terms explained in more depth.

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Something Is Missing?—Then It Is Your Turn

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Or, if you’ve worked out the acronym yourself, feel free to submit it here on the form with its definition so everyone can use it (thanks!):

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Oh, and you can find out all about SAP with this deep dive.

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